Harnessing the Power of Guy Ropes to Better Weatherproof Your Tent

Camping is always a great adventure which is why it’s essential to be prepared for all weather conditions. The best way to toughen up your tent against inclement weather is by using guy ropes properly. These often-overlooked accessories significantly enhance the stability and resilience of your tent, ensuring a comfortable camping experience no matter the […]

The Air Advantage: Unveiling the Benefits of Air Tents for Modern Camping

Are you looking for a new family sized tent for your family camping adventures but sick of the setup? Air tents have so many benefits compared with your traditional style tent and we’re going to run you through them right now! Air tents are quick and easy to setup Air frame tents are ready to […]

Camping Tables – Ask The Experts

Between the team at Quest Outdoors Australia, there’s nothing we don’t know about camping tables. In this article, we want to lay out a few of our thoughts on camping tables, the materials they’re made from, and why we design ours the way we do. Camping tables have come a long way in recent years. […]

Are You a Cold Frog? Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings Explained

Sleeping is such an individual thing, some people are always doona hogs and some always kick the doona off. No single temperature rating will keep everyone happy – so we decided to give them all 3 ratings. Comfort temperature is what most cold sleepers will generally be comfortable in. Limit is what temperature most average […]