Camping Tables – Ask The Experts

Between the team at Quest Outdoors Australia, there’s nothing we don’t know about camping tables. In this article, we want to lay out a few of our thoughts on camping tables, the materials they’re made from, and why we design ours the way we do.

Camping tables have come a long way in recent years. I’m sure we all remember sitting around the old vinyl wrapped card tables – at least we do. Although they were portable, they weren’t suited to the outdoors. You might be surprised to learn that many big-name brands still use materials that aren’t suited to the outdoors.

At Quest, our vision has always been to improve the outdoor experience for our customers. To do this, we ensure our products do what they’re supposed to do – work outside! We designed all of our products with the outdoors in mind – that doesn’t mean that our tables can stay outside all the time – but they will withstand the elements when required and are easy to pack up, transport, and store.

Many brands use lightweight and cost effective MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) – it’s cheaper for them, not you. Similarly, many big brands use vacuum-formed tables. They’re light but provide a much lower weight capacity and can suffer from delamination due to water penetrating the seam in the tabletop.

Our range of camping tables starts with two blow-moulded designs. This innovative moulding process ensures maximum strength and durability while keeping the table light. Blow moulded tables have no seams, hold a ton of weight (well up to 150kgs anyway), are super easy to clean, and are super versatile. The plastic is made with high density virgin polyethylene material which is more durable than recycled polyethylene. Interestingly, it’s more environmentally friendly too because it uses less resources to manufacture than recycle. All our camp table frames are made from powder coated high tensile steel, so they won’t rust, and they’ll stay sturdy basically forever.

We’ve got two camping tables currently in our range. The Camp Table 1 is a three-position height-adjustable table that’s easy to use for one person. The Camp Table 4 folds in half for easy transport and has multiple height positions from a low coffee table height right through to a prep table height. The innovative one-handed height adjustment means you don’t even have to put your drink down to change the table height. The inbuilt storage hammock, side pockets, and a built-in bottle opener, all stay on the table so you can be set up and packed down in no time at all.

Bamboo has become a popular material for camping tables. It’s sustainable and adds a touch of wooden ambience to the campsite. It’s a great material for the outdoors and needs no maintenance. It’s not the lightest tabletop material around – but we team that up with an alloy frame to ensure it’s still easy to pack and carry.

Clever square design means the Quest Bamboo Tables (available in two sizes) tabletop folds down super small due to its 4 leaves all hinged together under the table. We know it’s rough out there so it’s easy to level the bamboo tables on uneven ground and set your preferred height with independent height adjustment on each leg. Camping table legs need to be sturdy and stable, so we set the legs on the bamboo tables at a slight angle to spread the load and make sure you’ve got a rock-solid tabletop surface. Not only does this ensure stability but it gives you plenty of room to get your legs in under it for ease of use and access.

Camping table bottle opener
Handy bottle opener

When you make an investment in a quality camping table, a heavy duty padded carry bag is necessary. The carry bags for our bamboo camping tables will outlast many others – we know it’s frustrating when straps break and seams burst when you’re on the road.

A camping table folded into a carry bag
Durable carry bags

So that’s it! Thanks for reading. We know what a camping table needs to do in the outdoors, and we know what’s possible. We’re improving our designs all the time. We know all the corners we could cut – but we don’t. We want you to have the best camping table your money can buy. Head on over to our camp tables pages and check them out in detail, including 360-degree photo views.

Stay tuned for more in-depth articles on camp furniture, camp bedding, tents, and camp lighting. There’s so much more we have to show you!