100 Lumen Tent Light


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Hang the CORE 100 Lumen Tent Light up high to get overhead lighting perfect for reading, playing cards, and getting organized after the sun goes down. At the end of the night, use the easy-on-your-eyes amber night light to put off a soft glow you can sleep under night after night. It’s also perfect for food prep and tabletop use. Just rotate the steel hook stand up and let the light do the rest. High mode produces a bright pattern of evenly dispersed light, low mode provides a soft pattern of evenly dispersed light, while the nightlight provides a warm and comforting light.

Three Duracell AA batteries are included so you can get going out of the box straight away. It’s built for life outdoors and will can withstand a fall onto a dirt surface from up to a meter high and still function after being exposed to rain and splashes.

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Portable lighting power that fits in your palm is within reach with the CORE 100 Lumen Tent Light.


100 High, 20 Low, 1 Nightlight

Run Time

22hrs High, 150hrs Low, 153 hrs Nightlight

Beam Distance

11m High, 5m Low, 2m Nightlight

Power Source

AA Batteries



Product Weight

0.184 grams

Product Dimensions

10.93W x 10.93L x 3.56D (cm)

Ingress Protection


Impact Resistance



1 Year





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