The Air Advantage: Unveiling the Benefits of Air Tents for Modern Camping

An air framed tent in a clearing
QUEST Air 12

Are you looking for a new family sized tent for your family camping adventures but sick of the setup? Air tents have so many benefits compared with your traditional style tent and we’re going to run you through them right now!

Air tents are quick and easy to setup

Air frame tents are ready to go in just a few minutes, thanks to their inflatable frame. Instead of assembling, sorting, and inserting multi-coloured poles, you just pump up the frame using an air pump. It saves heaps of time and effort, especially compared to the laborious job of setting up traditional pole tents. Quest air tents the fly and inner all go up at the same time and that’s the key. No more putting the fly on separately – which makes for a massive time saving.

Air tents are lightweight and easy to carry

Air tents are more often much lighter than traditional tents because they don’t have heavy poles. It makes them heaps easier to store, carry, and transport, which is pretty handy when space in the family car is tight.

Inflatable frames are stable and more durable

The inflatable tube frames in air tents are designed to be tough and stable. The beams or tubes are made from robust PVC or TPU. Once pegged out, inflated and then pegged down properly, the air frames create a superbly rigid & solid structure that can withstand wind and harsh weather conditions. When the frames are pumped up to around 7 psi, they aren’t like an airbed – they’re rock hard and rigid.

Air frames are versatile

Air tents come plenty of different shapes and sizes to accommodate different camping needs. You’ll find single-person tents, family-sized tents, and even large group tents, giving you the choice to pick a tent that suits you and your family. Air tents don’t just have to be boring tubes anymore.

Air tents have a smaller pack size

When deflated, air tents pack down small into a small carrying bag. Great for storage and transportation – they take up less space compared to traditional tents with poles.

Air tents have less moving parts

Air tents have a simpler design than pole tents. They have less parts and fewer components, reducing the chance of losing or misplacing something during setup or packdown. Such a straightforward setup process makes them a great choice for beginners or those just learning all about the camping experience. Most air frames these days are integrated into the tent.

Air tents can handle the weather

Inflatable tents often feature integrated weatherproof features, such as taped seams, durable fly sheets. These help to keep you dry and protected from rain and other elements. Some tents go further with extra reinforcement in the corners of the floor and flaps over the fly sheet zips. Plus, the beauty of air tent is that it’s forgiving. If the weather is that bad that the tent flattens out in the wind, it will pop right back up, where traditional tents flatten out when something breaks and it won’t pop back up – you’re done!

Potential drawbacks

It’s important to note that while air tents offer many advantages, they also have some potential drawbacks.

  • You’ll need a pump to inflate the air frame. Quest Air tents and shelters all come with a high volume double action pump.
  • You’ll need to peg your tent down with guy ropes before use.
  • Pole repairs can be more challenging compared to fixing poles.

For many campers, the overall benefits that air tents provide will outweigh these concerns. Handily, the air pumps are fairly universal and replacement air tubes are available. If you’ve ever tried repairing a fibreglass pole then you’ll know that’s not easy either. Air tents are the modern solution to so many old school tent camping problems. You’ll be the first and fastest on site to setup and reading a book with a beer under the awning before the others have finished fretting over their poles and pegs.

The experts at Quest Outdoors know everything there is to know about tents, particularly air frame tents. Get in touch with us anytime if you have any kind of question. Browse our range of air tents here or see our tents in action on YouTube.